Company Background

The company was founded by Greame Campbell, and has been in operation for ten years. The company changed is strategic direction in 2016 and is now reaching new heights and expanding its footprint.

From its humble beginnings the company has now grown to be one of the market leaders in the recycling industry. The company’s founding philosophy and business model is based on investing in human capital, Job creation, empowerment and widespread training. This is undertaken whilst cultivating an eco-consciousness amongst all staff and customers. The company is committed to provide recycling solutions that is economically viable and sustainable. These efforts, in turn, compliment the company's vision and mission to preserve our environment for the generations to follow.

Mission Statement

The company is dedicated to maintaining its position as a market leader within the recycling industry and utilising its business success as a model for the development of environmental responsibility and business sustainability within the industry. We endeavor to form lasting relationships with our clients and we therefore refer to our clients as business partners. This perspective allows us to not only provide services and solutions, but also to become an integral part of the success of our clients in the long term. Our success is directly intertwined with the success of our business partners.

Core Business

The core business vision of the company is that every kilogram of waste recycled is a kilogram of waste kept out of the landfill sites. We therefore focus our main attention on the collection, re-use, up-cycling and safe disposal of all waste materials, including plastics, cardboard and general waste.

MThree Solutions and Services

We assist our business partners in making the waste generated by their business, a profitable part of their strategy and financial plan. This is achieved by:

  • maximising the profits generated from the waste and the significant savings on the management fees that is passed on to our business partners;
  • In the event of there being a generation of hazardous waste, we ensure the safe and legal disposal of this material.
  • With our knowledge and experience we also assist our business partners to lower their waste production and the landfill disposal thereof, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

We provide an overall solution to the waste management of our business partners and this incorporates, inter alia, the following:

Site Management

MThree offers an onsite management service, where we manage your companies waste on your behalf on your sites. By offering this services we take away the hassle of making sure your staff are not mixing waste or throwing everything into the skip as general waste. We strive to reduce the waste going into skips by implementing a proper sorting process and making sure our onsite staff removes anything that is recyclable.

Staff Training

Our staff are trained onsite so that they are able to Identify what waste is recyclable and what waste is general waste relevant to your company requirements. We supply staff for the on site management and we can also train your staff on site should that be required. We have however found that using our staff works best as they don’t get taken away from the area to do other work, thus always having someone responsible for the area. We are also able to put the right people on site who care about and make a living through recycling.

Sorting of Products

Our staff are trained to sort all the different types of recycling. They sort the different types of plastics and papers. We also recycle glass and tin. If there are products that we come across that we do not recycle at present we will strive to find avenues for these products to dispose of them safely.

Removal Of Waste Products

MThree arranges and manages the logistics for the removal of all waste from our customer’s sites. We have partnered with numerous companies whom we recycle the products with. We offer site clean ups, weekly and daily collections. Hazardous and safe disposal waste is taken away and disposed of in the correct manner.

Different Recyclables

Plastics, Paper, cardboard boxes, glass, tin and electronic waste.

Safe Disposal of Waste

We offer a safe disposal service for waste that is not permitted to be just dumped into land fill or waste that companies want destruction certificates for to prove that they have disposed of the products correctly.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We offer a hazardous waste removal service where the waste is tested by the relevant hazardous waste disposal companies and that the correct disposal paths are then taken and the relevant certificates of disposal are issued.

Provision of Relevant Certificates

We provide certificates for the removal of all types of waste and recycling that is removed from our customer’s premises. These are supplied with the invoices for the waste removal.

Our Management Team

Greame Campbell


Greame Campbell - Director

Greame is a professional recycling specialist and entrepreneur with 10 years recycling experience. Greame cares for the environment and its future, as a father and husband he has a constant hunger to look for ways to improve recycling. He is passionate about empowering his staff and as many people as possible to sustain their futures and to make a positive contribution to saving the environment. Greame’s dream is for South Africa to run out of waste so everything can be used for some other form of energy instead of going to a landfill site. Greame and MThree Onsites’ business philosophy is cleaning up South Africa one company at a time.

Staff Compliment

The company has numerous staff members situated on various sites. We have drivers, sorters, a sales team and admin staff.

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